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Our Lady of the Snows Uniform Policy 2021- 2022 School Year

The intent of our school uniform: Our dress code’s intent is to foster a spirit of community, leadership and respect. As a Catholic community, Our Lady of the Snows believes that the way we represent ourselves reflects something about who we are. Our uniform encourages students to focus on self-expression through a student’s skills and talents, not their outward appearance or materials goods. Our uniform policy helps us teach that our understanding and expression of self is grounded in our faith, character and Christian dignity.

Uniform pieces are available here from Dennis Uniform or Land’s End.  Specific uniform policy guidelines may be found in the Parent Student Handbook here on RenWeb.


  1. Uniforms should be purchased through Dennis Uniform  or Land’s End . Dickie brand khaki pants may also be purchased and worn.
  2. Socks may be black, white or navy blue.  They must be solid in color but may have a  logo on them.
  3. Tights may be black, white or navy blue.
  4. Shoes may be any solid color but super bright neon colors, sparkles/sequins or light up shoes should be avoided.
  5. Boots should be worn only during inclement weather.  If boots are worn with skirts/skorts, girls must also wear tights.  Pants may be worn either tucked into boots or on the outside of boots.
  6. Hair accessories do not need to match the uniform colors, but they should not be overly bright, large or distracting. 
  7. All sweatshirts/outerwear are required to have logos.


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